Travis Munter

Travis Munter

Performance Coach


About Coach

Travis came to the Pitt as a former Sprinter with the Montana State University Track and Field Team. After college, where he studied math education and physics, Travis started a career with the Bozeman Police Department where he spent the next 25 years. Towards the end of his police career, Travis joined the Pitt as a member and maintained consistent attendance in the early morning class prior to starting his police shift. Travis retired from the police department at the end of 2020 and began searching for his next public service endeavor. Understanding the positive effect physical fitness can have on overall health and mental well-being, Travis achieved certification as a personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association and became a member of the Pitt’s coaching team. Travis approaches fitness coaching as a public service and works to create an environment where athletes push themselves to become an even better version of themselves.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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