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Low Impact Classes in Bozeman, MT

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Low Impact Classes

Launch classes are designed for people who are returning to the gym after a break or who are coming for the very first time.

Launch classes allow you to learn workouts in a high-energy environment but at a slower pace. These classes are all about getting you comfortable while focusing on your mobility, stability, and strength. It’s the perfect way to get started.

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Conveniently located in Baxter Meadow. 10 minutes from downtown.

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. The Pitt Training Facility is located and easily accessible from all of Bozeman.

3717 Equestrian Ln, Bozeman, MT 59718
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The hardest step is always the first step! Try our 2-week trial period and we guarantee you will not regret it

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