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Youth Training Classes in Bozeman, MT

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Youth Training Classes

Boys and girls alike undergo many physiological changes during adolescence. They grow taller, body composition changes, and sometimes these athletes feel like their bodies just don’t “fit.” Young women, in particular, are more susceptible to ACL injuries because of changes occurring during puberty.

A properly designed and supervised training program can help to reduce these and other injuries by improving muscle strength, motor skills, coordination, and overall endurance. Our classes for Bozeman middle school-age students teach proper training methods as well as introducing young athletes to fundamentals of linear speed, agility, plyometrics, and injury avoidance and rehabilitation. As athletes grow stronger, coaches introduce progressively more challenging workouts.

How it works:

No initial consultation is needed. Book a free session with us using the sidebar link. Come experience why we are the top training facility in Montana for middle school athletes.

Building confidence and a strong foundation at a young age is critical in our youth today. Middle school class is 4-4:45pm Monday through Friday.

We Recommend each athlete to show up 5-10 minutes before class to foam roll and stretch out.

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